Alternative Comedy Model

Why are we a comedy arts theater and not a comedy club? 

There are few art forms that rely so heavily on intimacy with the audience as comedy does. The best theaters will balance between intimacy and capacity to allow for a full range of performers.

Live comedy has been booming, yet the comedy club model is not seeing the same growth. Comedy clubs offer an expensive model, often forcing patrons to eat and drink minimums in order to afford attracting the top comics across the country. They are expensive - because they are expensive to run and maintain.

Often restaurants and bars will offer a corner to local and regional comics - but this model is not filling the need for an intimate dedicated space to the comedy arts. They also do not offer the economics to support more famous national acts to visit regularly. 

Which leads us to the comedy arts black box model. A theater, bar, and concession model dedicated to the comedy arts... but not a restaurant. This allows for the economics to support both national touring artists and local/regional artists.

We hope you enjoy.

Black Box Theater